How to get more followers on Snapchat

How to get more followers on Snapchat

how to get more followers on snapchat

Here is a step by step guide, telling you how to get more followers on Snapchat:


1) Add all your friends in your phone contact list. This will give you a good base number of followers.

2) Quality: Make sure you are posting interesting content. If someone watches a few of your snaps and they find it boring, they will probably stop watching!

3) Continuity: post a few times a day, every day. People like continuity!

how to get more followers on snapchat

4) Post your username on your other social media accounts. Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, YouNow, etc. Every time I upload a new post on my other accounts, I include my snapchat username. Some big accounts even post their username on their email sign off!

5) Repeat step 4 over and over! Get your username out there, anywhere you can, on general forums or forums relating to your niche.

how to get more followers on snapchat

6) By now you might have a few hundred followers, now if you’re consistently posting interesting, engaging content, then you might want to start doing snapchat takeovers through the steps below:

7) Search online for the most popular Snapchat accounts in your niche. Usernames which are mentioned in articles are likely to have a high number of followers (because loads of people are also searching for users to follow)

8) Watch all these accounts for a while, at least a few weeks

9) Do any of these accounts already have people doing takeovers? Or have they had long periods of inactivity? If so, try and get in contact with the account holder, either through email or Facebook message etc (probably pointless messaging them through Snapchat since they are inactive) and ask them if you can do a takeover!

10) Takeover time! Make sure it’s interesting and fun! Don’t forget to include your username and snapcode at the end of the takeover

11) Be creative! Get your username and snapcode out as much as you can. I know one guy who even got his snapcode up on Times Square!

Let me know of any creative ways you’ve shared your username!

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how to get more followers on snapchat

How to help street children in Kathmandu?

How to help street children in Kathmandu

Currently, there is very little data on street children in Kathmandu. It is estimated that there are around 6,000 street children in Nepal, 2,000 of which are in Kathmandu.

Often, children flee to the streets from remote parts of the country to escape a life of domestic violence or poverty.

On the street, these children face the problems of violence, intimidation and sexual abuse by adults and other children. They are faced with malnutrition and severe health problems, with around 95% of street children being addicted to solvents.

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The uncomfortable truth about elephant tourism in Asia

Elephants in captivity

Elephant tourism is a big business in South East Asia. Over half of Thailand’s elephant population (8,000) are held in captivity and used for tourism.

Elephants are highly intelligent animals, with extremely strong family ties. They use intelligent group techniques to protect their young, mourn their dead and have memories that span many years. They display signs of grief, joy, anger and show empathy. They are one of the few animals which exhibit signs of self-awareness.

And yet these beautiful creatures are being pulled away from their families due to the growing trend in elephant tourism, where there is big money to be made from tourists seeking to gain an experience with a wild animal.

elephant tourism

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How to get cheap accommodation

Everyone has different versions of the meaning ‘cheap’.

Before your trip, try to work out what your rough daily budget will be. Everyone has different budgets depending on the length of your trip and the amount of money you have.

Work out what you can spend on EVERYTHING in the day, this includes accommodation, food, water, alcohol, activities and sight seeing.

So to make it easier, I’ve split the different budgets into 3 categories:

  • The Flashbacker: £100/day

  • The Backpacker: £20/day

  • The Nomad: £5/day

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Top tips on how I spend less than £150 a month while travelling- how to travel cheaply

I’m living proof that it’s possible to travel cheaply when you’re broke!


Don’t pay for accommodation! is a budget travellers DREAM! It means your accommodation is FREE! Hosts all over the world can offer their spare bedroom or sofa to travellers. There are many reasons why people host on couchsurfing. Help with conversational English, help around the house or just some company. It’s also a great way to hang out with locals even if you’re not staying with them. Continue reading “Top tips on how I spend less than £150 a month while travelling- how to travel cheaply”