Top tips on how I spend less than £150 a month while travelling- how to travel cheaply

I’m living proof that it’s possible to travel cheaply when you’re broke!


Don’t pay for accommodation! is a budget travellers DREAM! It means your accommodation is FREE! Hosts all over the world can offer their spare bedroom or sofa to travellers. There are many reasons why people host on couchsurfing. Help with conversational English, help around the house or just some company. It’s also a great way to hang out with locals even if you’re not staying with them.


The best way to travel cheaply and save money on food is to eat street food. This is often the cheapest and most convenient way of eating whilst travelling. There is a street food place a few doors down from where I’m staying right now which sells full meals for 28p. Try to stay away from restaurants aimed towards Westerners or chain food places, because the prices will be waaay higher.

travel cheaply
Street food!


Everyone knows that tap water is undrinkable in most exotic destinations. This means that travellers end up spending an awful lot on bottled water. Not only is this bad for your bank balance, it’s also terrible for the environment. Buying a heavy duty Traveller Water Purification Bottle will save you so much money in the long run. You need something that is going to filter out any bacteria or parasites.


Fast travelling and moving from place to place every couple of days is a sure way to spend loads of money. It’s much better to stay in each place for at least a couple of weeks or more. Aside from saving money, it’s a much better way to travel. You make more local friends, learn more about the way of life, and find where the cheapest places are! Some of the best and most insightful experiences when travelling come from hanging out with local people, so staying put for a while is definitely worth it!


You can still do those excursions or day trips that you wanna do. Whilst travelling I’ve been able to see and do everything that I want to. Shop around to find the cheapest place to do what you wanna do. It’s not hard. Often there will be a huge difference in price for the same trip/activity.

travel cheaply
I did a two day trip to the Mekong Delta for £14, including hotel and transport


Ok, I have actually NEVER used Tinder to get free stuff or use it to travel cheaply, but it can be done, like these guys have shown. They managed to travel across Europe using Tinder to get free accommodation and food. I think it goes without saying that if you’re a lone female traveller, doing this is probably a BAD IDEA!


Either walk or take the local buses to where you’ve got to go. Local buses can cost between 10-30p depending on which country you’re in. Make sure you know the name of your destination before you get on, the conductor will help you. Also you should download offline maps on an app called MapsMe. You can follow your location and get off the bus when you arrive. Also maps will let you know if you can walk somewhere instead.


Food: if you are a severely budgeted traveller, you are going to have to realise that you can not eat whatever and whenever you want. I’ve survived off one meal a day for the majority of my travels, and I have friends who have done the same. Hunger pains are something we’re not used to in the Western world, but I think as I society we overeat way to much anyway.

Couchsurfing as a lone female traveller: if using couchsurfing it’s best to stay with families or other women. I’ve heard that people can use couchsurfing as an alternative to Tinder to hook up with people. So it’s a good idea to read host’s references before staying with them.




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