7 reasons why you should travel alone

Still at home, working at a job you hate, waiting for your friends to come with you on that trip of a lifetime?

Honestly, if you’re waiting around for others, you’ll never go anywhere.

Here’s why travelling alone is actually THE BEST!

travel alone

1) Firstly, you are never actually alone. Whether you’re staying in hostels or couchsurfing with locals, you never feel lonely (unless you want to be alone of course!)

2) Trip planning becomes a million times easier, you have the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want without waiting for someone else!

travel alone

3) Self-growth. Cheesy AF but true!!

travel alone

4) You learn stuff about yourself that you would never have had the opportunity to before. Again, cheesy but true 😉

travel alone

5) Meet local people. You are more likely to talk to by local people, and they are more likely to talk to you. Making friends with local people is one of THE BEST things about travelling!

travel alone

6) Confidence in yourself will increase by a million times. You travelled alone! You’re capable of almost anything!

travel alone

7) It’s a challenge. You’ve set yourself an amazing challenge and now you’re trying it! Some people will want to fly home the next day. Some people will take a few weeks to settle into solo travelling. Some people will click with it from the very first day

So, the choice is yours! Are you gonna sit around waiting indefinitely for your friend to join you? Or will you go out and see the world on your own terms?



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