5 reasons why travelling when you have no money is actually BETTER

Have you always wanted to travel, but you’ve never been able to because you don’t have enough money?

I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN STILL DO IT! And not only that, but it can be even BETTER than travelling with loads of money!

I think there is a class issue with travelling today. Most ‘budget’ travel blogs advise a daily budget of around $50, an amount far beyond the reach of people who do not have large amounts of money. Why should they not also be able to travel the world?

travel with no money

Here are some reasons why it’s actually better to travel with less money!

1) You live like a local rather than a tourist.

travel with no money

With a low budget I’ve lived as a local instead a traveler, meaning I’ve met so many interesting local people, heard some crazy stories and learned far more about the country I visit. Whilst the average tourist who will stick to a well worn tourist trail, only hang out with other travelers and will barely scratch the surface of a country.


2) Travel for longer, see more of the world

travel with no money

The less money you spend, the more time you spend out there… The more cool stuff you can see!


3) Travelling becomes much more interesting!

travel with no money

It becomes about experiencing things rather than seeing things. Some travelers try to pack in too many countries or cities in a short timeframe. When you travel like this you get tonnes of photos, but no real knowledge of where you’ve been.

4) You become more resilient in the long run

travel with no money

Having the courage to survive off such little money changes you as a person in ways that normal ‘budget’ travelling wouldn’t. Hard times shape us as a person much more than the good times.

Tomislav Perko has been travelling the world on $10 a day since 2008. He says: “In a way, being almost broke was the best thing that happened to me. You appreciate the little things, such as hot meals, soft beds, and transportation. You are grateful for little things you are not thinking about when you can afford three meals a day, when your shelter has already been prearranged and you know a way to get to your destination. You are grateful for all the miracles that, inevitably, occur daily.”

5) Your have more amazing stories

travel with no money

I met a guy who at one point had around $5 left in his bank account. He slept in a tent and survived off a jar of peanut butter. He taught himself how to build websites for cafes and hostels to get free food and accommodation whilst he started a blog. This guy now makes $70 a day from his blog, even if he’s sleeping all day, all whist still travelling the world. What a cool guy! You can read more about his journey here.

6) You can still do amazing things!

travel with no money

People say that there’s no point in extreme budget traveling, because you don’t get to see any of the sights or experience everything you want to. THAT’S NOT TRUE! I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to on this trip so far.

Here are just some of the things I’ve done in the last few months:

  • An 8 day trek in the Himalayas
  • A 3 day freediving course in Thailand
  • Went rock climbing on the cliffs at Railay Island
  • Learnt how to firedance
  • Spent two days sailing down the Mekong Delta
  • Drank in some of the most exclusive sky bars in the city
  • Made friends for life with local people from every country I’ve been to

So if you would love to travel, don’t use ‘I have no money’ as a reason not to go!

Check out my short guide on how to spend less than £150 a month while travelling.



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