How to get cheap accommodation

Everyone has different versions of the meaning ‘cheap’.

Before your trip, try to work out what your rough daily budget will be. Everyone has different budgets depending on the length of your trip and the amount of money you have.

Work out what you can spend on EVERYTHING in the day, this includes accommodation, food, water, alcohol, activities and sight seeing.

So to make it easier, I’ve split the different budgets into 3 categories:

  • The Flashbacker: £100/day

  • The Backpacker: £20/day

  • The Nomad: £5/day

The Flashpacker

Congratulations! Your budget means that you can afford to stay in some super lovely hotels!

Check out Expedia for hotel deals. You can also become a member of Expedia+ for exclusive discounts.

Also check out for deals on hotels.

The Backpacker

Your budget means that you’ll be staying in hostels instead of hotels. This is still great! Hostels are the best way of meeting people while you’re travelling. You will meet people in the social area or in your room. I’ve stayed in hostels before which have free food, free beer and parties!

To find where to stay, I usually use or You can filter hostels based on price, rating and location from the centre.

There’s also a rating system for each hostel, and you can read reviews before you book, although take these with a pinch of salt, everyone’s experience is different.

The Nomad

Hello and welcome to my club!

Alas, I too have hardly any money, but I’ve already written about how this can be a great thing. 

Tomislav Perko is also such an inspiration to me, give his TED talk a watch if you have time.

Soo, if your budget is around £5/day, you’re got a couple of options

This is my favourite way of getting free accommodation. You get to stay with local people in the area, meaning that not only do you get free accommodation, but you also get that ‘local experience’ that many people are looking for.

On the website, each host has a description about themselves and their home. There are also reviews for each host (and also each guest) so you can make sure the place you’re going to is safe.

Couchsurfing is great, you will meet so many lovely people and have some amazing stories! Soon I’m gonna write about all the mad stories I’ve gotten during my time couchsurfing. So stay posted for that!

Another option is camping. This means spending money on a tent, sleeping bag etc and carrying it around with you. I have a friend who’s done this although I haven’t tried it myself. There’s more info on it here.

I’m always finding new ways of travelling for cheap, so check back regularly for updates!