How to get more followers on Snapchat

How to get more followers on Snapchat

how to get more followers on snapchat

Here is a step by step guide, telling you how to get more followers on Snapchat:

1) Add all your friends in your phone contact list. This will give you a good base number of followers.

2) Quality: Make sure you are posting interesting content. If someone watches a few of your snaps and they find it boring, they will probably stop watching!

3) Continuity: post a few times a day, every day. People like continuity!

how to get more followers on snapchat

4) Post your username on your other social media accounts. Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter, YouNow, etc. Every time I upload a new post on my other accounts, I include my snapchat username. Some big accounts even post their username on their email sign off!

5) Repeat step 4 over and over! Get your username out there, anywhere you can, on general forums or forums relating to your niche.

how to get more followers on snapchat

6) By now you might have a few hundred followers, now if you’re consistently posting interesting, engaging content, then you might want to start doing snapchat takeovers through the steps below:

7) Search online for the most popular Snapchat accounts in your niche. Usernames which are mentioned in articles are likely to have a high number of followers (because loads of people are also searching for users to follow)

8) Watch all these accounts for a while, at least a few weeks

9) Do any of these accounts already have people doing takeovers? Or have they had long periods of inactivity? If so, try and get in contact with the account holder, either through email or Facebook message etc (probably pointless messaging them through Snapchat since they are inactive) and ask them if you can do a takeover!

10) Takeover time! Make sure it’s interesting and fun! Don’t forget to include your username and snapcode at the end of the takeover

11) Be creative! Get your username and snapcode out as much as you can. I know one guy who even got his snapcode up on Times Square!

Let me know of any creative ways you’ve shared your username!

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how to get more followers on snapchat