I used to be a fairly average UK citizen. I worked hard at school, got good grades, managed to get into University College London to study Chemical Physics (chemistry, physics and maths). I struggled a lot at university, but I still don’t regret my decision to go there.

After university, I got a 9-6 office job in a respectable renewable energy company. At first I approached office life and colleagues with enthusiasm, but after a few months I felt a shift, I felt myself become stagnant. I still got to do some really cool things in the company, I had work trips abroad for meetings and conferences, and I was even a guest lecturer at a London University (I was so nervous doing that haha!) But still it felt like something was missing. I filled all my spare time with new hobbies and learning new skills. I still had a yearning to get out, I knew I wanted to travel, but I thought I needed to work in order to get money to travel. I stayed on at the company because I was told I’d get a pay rise and a promotion. I waited and waited for months, spending long hours in the office, thinking about the money I could make and use to travel.

Eventually one day the CEO took me aside for a meeting about my role in the company. After nearly a year of waiting, it was finally time! We sat down over a coffee, and he told me that they really appreciated everything I’d done for the company, but they’d have to let me go. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as my world turned upside down. I was told I had 3 days left to finish off my work and after that I was no longer needed. 3 days! Can you imagine how I felt?!

The plus side was that I’d get a severance pay. This helped me pay off the remainder of my -£2000 bank overdraft, plus a bit extra to buy flights to see my friend in Kathmandu and afford to live in Asia for a few months.

On the road, I realised what freedom felt like, it was amazing. It was such a far cry from the life I had before.

This begun my path to becoming a digital nomad. Making money on the road, online, through my blog and through building websites on the side.